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Radio Communications Contractor in Lufkin, TX

Texas Premier Communications, LLC is an expert radio systems contractor and radio communication technology company serving the needs of education, municipal and public safety organizations throughout Hudson, Lufkin, and Angelina County, TX and surrounding areas. We have over 44 years of experience with radio communication products—trust us to keep your two-way radio communications systems online and functional at all times, including after hours. Contact us today to learn more.

The Leading Radio Repair Center

The need for reliable radio communications is critical in many different industries, from first responders and dispatchers to educational facilities and coordination teams. Behind the essential communication products these teams use is Texas Premier Communications, LLC, the leading radio communications contractor in Lufkin, TX and surrounding areas.

For more than four decades, we’ve been the complete radio communication technology company for customers throughout the region. When it comes to selling, servicing and programming essential comms, no one does it better than us. We’re experts on both P25 and all other APCO standards, making us a versatile partner for communication systems interoperability. Trust us to get you the systems and products you need, and to keep them up and running reliably for as long as you use them.

We operate a local radio repair center in Lufkin, TX and surrounding areas to provide fast and efficient service for the companies that rely on us. We’re not far away when you need dispatch programming, microwave networking installation or help troubleshooting your system. What we can’t fix on-site in the field we’ll bring back to our shop, and you can rest assured that your equipment is always in our capable hands. We offer pickup and delivery of radio communication repairs on all equipment, to ensure your critical communication systems are handled with care by our trained professionals.

For more information about the radio communications products we offer or the bevy of sales, programming and installation services we provide, contact our radio communications contractors today!

  • We’ve got more than 44 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.
  • Let us provide you with a totally free consultation to ensure you get the right products.
  • Our knowledge of push-to-talk and two-way radio is unparalleled.
  • We’re available for emergency services after hours, to ensure your comms systems work.
  • We take great pride in serving our local Angelina County, TX and surrounding areas customers with integrity.

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We’re here to make sure your communications equipment is always online, always clear—always ready when you need it. Contact us today for a consultation on products and services.

Radio Repair Center

Radio repair center serving clients from the following areas:
  • Lufkin, TX
  • Pollok, TX
  • Apple Springs, TX
  • Diboll, TX
  • Centralia, TX
  • Ratcliff, TX
  • Wells, TX
  • Kennard, TX
  • Huntington, TX
  • Woden, TX
  • Corrigan, TX
  • Nacogdoches, TX
  • Douglass, TX
  • Chireno, TX
  • Etoile, TX
  • Woodlake, TX
  • Pennington, TX
  • Groveton, TX
  • Alto, TX
  • Moscow, TX
  • and more!